Ask Me Anything: My Advice For Aspiring Designer-Makers

The world is full of aspiring designer-makers. They are people that want to offer something unique, stylish and refreshing to the world. The trouble is, “making it big” in the business world can be tough as a designer-maker. You don’t have a big team of people to bounce ideas from. Nor do you have a limitless pot of cash to spend on developing those ideas.

For me, I’ve had to learn a few things the hard way. The good news is that my efforts weren’t in vain. The jewellery I create has gained worldwide popularity. Of course, as you can appreciate, I’ve had to put a lot of time and effort into getting where I am today!

I often have aspiring designer-makers asking me for tips and advice on how to be successful. The truth is, there isn’t a simple strategy to follow. Success can get defined and measured in many different ways. For example, I might define success as product popularity. You might interpret it as making lots of money.

The theme of today’s blog post is advice. Specifically, how up and coming designer-makers can make an impact in the world. I thought long and hard about the advice I would give to aspiring designer-makers when starting up in business. Here’s what I would say – and what can help you to get started the right way:

How should I promote my work?

Many designer-makers think that they should only target galleries to show off their work. The truth is, you can sell the things you make almost anywhere! I recommend thinking of places that attract large crowds of people. One practical example is a creative or jewellery exhibition. Especially ones that promote items made locally.

Another thing you can do (and is something I strongly suggest) is to have a website. You can showcase your best work on there and even offer an online ordering facility. Design agencies like CandidSky can help you build a stunning website. You can, of course, create a site yourself if you’re knowledgeable in HTML and CSS. If you go down that route, I recommend the excellent WordPress platform.

When you create a website, you can direct people to it – both online AND offline. It’s available for people to see 24/7. Virtually all designer-makers have a website – and you should as well!

Who should I design jewellery for?

Each designer-maker has their own style and creative process. If you design some stylish pieces, chances are other people will love your work. It’s never a good idea to just design stuff to meet a particular market. Your success will only grow if you create items made with love – not to “spec”.

There is a big market for consumers that want bespoke, handmade jewellery. You are bound to find a niche within that market that likes the work you do.

When will I start making money?

If by making money you mean earning a living, this can take some time to achieve. For now, it makes sense to get some part-time work alongside your jewellery-making. That way, you can support yourself financially until the word spreads about what you do.