6 Secrets of Super Successful Video Marketing

It is said in the next year that 69% of consumer traffic will be as a result of video marketing. In fact, even mobile video ads are growing at an astonishing rate and more astonishing is that conversion video marketing will lead to more than 800% conversion.  Here are some ways to create video marketing campaigns which are successful. These are secrets that most successful video marketers employ.

Here are the 6 Secrets of Super Successful Video Marketing:

  • The video should not be all about sales and services of the business, and how the business can benefit from it. Rather, it should be more centered on a story that a customer can relate to. The customer should be able to see the value of the video or business, and only then will he or she be interested in seeing the entire video. Somewhere in the video then the sale pitch can be added very subtly. However, if the customer realizes that it is all about sales, the video will not be viewed at all nor will it appeal to them. For the video to be successful you need to capture their desires and needs. End the video with an effective Call to Action or have a Call to Action on the same page as that of the video, to ensure that customers are directed to do something about it after viewing it.
  • The viewers have short attention span and therefore you need to grab their attention in the first 10 seconds of the video. The video should be to the point and short. Expectations should be managed in the first 10 seconds or even 5. You could use questions or teasers to spark the interest of the audience and have them engage with the video almost immediately. The video should also convey as to why the audience should watch it and what they will be able to gain from watching the video.
  • When creating a video for video marketing, they should never be boring. They should touch the emotions of the user making them laugh or feel enlightened. Videos which are not conservative, or which are edgy are more encouraged. You need to have a video which breaks boundaries and not one that confines to boundaries which have been set by either your predecessors or competitors. Only when there is a clear differentiation and uniqueness seen that the video gets more views.
  • You need to employ tactics to ensure that the video is easily found on search engines. Optimize the video for SEO and first upload the video on your domain before you can share it on different sharing sites. You should allow for the video to be embedded as well. This way inbound marketing links can be increased. Sitemaps of videos should also be availed of. The search spiders on Google should be able to understand what the contents are and so videos should have effective tagging using relevant keywords.
  • You should try to educate the audience. You can either educate them to use the service or the product, or you should give them tips on how to use these goods and services as well. You can also showcase the position of the brand, your industry knowledge or how you can add to the value of the customers’ lives.
  • You can also provide proof of service or the product through videos. Customer testimonials are very effective for content marketing. There are videos that can be created for success stories so that you can focus on the customer and how his or her life improved or the success he or she was able to get as a result of using your service or products. It is found that using regular people rather than actors has more connect with the audience.

Make the best of these tips when executing a video marketing campaign for your business. Ask professionals for expert advice on how you can maximize the effectiveness of your video marketing campaign and accomplish your objectives.