Typora – WYSIWYG Markdown Editor

Whatever type of writing you are involved in, using just plain text all over the document would not be an option. The insertion of tables, diagrams, schemes, and images always comes along with the text writing for complementing it with visual support. So in this article, we introduce Typora WYSIWYG markdown editor which meets all those needs of writers by providing simple instruments for text creation and editing.

Text Editing

While creating books, academic papers, or whatever type of content is common with the help of text editors, it is always a good idea to be open to new software solutions. One of them is starting writing using Typora WYSIWYG markdown editor. This app is aimed to boost writing productivity by offering a set of functions that simplify the content creator’s work. Moreover, Typora is compatible with the most popular operating systems – macOS, Linux, and Windows.

One of the principal functions offered by Typora is spell-checking, which appears to be a cornerstone of text editing. You just need to add a language pack or enable spell check on the system level to review and polish your writing.

Diagram Drawing

Another incredible feature of the Typora WYSIWYG markdown editor is that it allows for creating smart diagrams, charts, and schemes with no effort. This would be particularly suitable for those who work on academic papers or scientific books that implement multiple statistical data or require a graphical representation of data. Also, tutors and academic professionals could easily build complex schemes. This tool only requires the knowledge of markdown language for writing rules of diagram construction. All this information is provided in the official Typora documentation and partner apps and extensions.

Math Functions

Regardless of the fact that mathematics seems to be very complex and it is not obvious how it could be applied in real life, this science is used practically everywhere. While it is naturally used in some research papers involving calculations or other academic spheres, mathematics is present even in showbiz. Producers use market survey data and apply extensive mathematical formulae to predict the popularity of musical artists in the next several years.

Provided the above-mentioned facts, it is possible to affirm that mathematics is used in any field, and thus by many professionals across industries. When compiling a document where a mathematical formula is required, people usually find it difficult to depict it correctly. Luckily, Typora has embedded mechanisms to easily depict mathematical and physical formulae in seconds.

Text Export

While the option for saving text files in the .doc or .pdf format is present in most text editors across platforms, this might not be enough in some cases. Typora, in turn, offers a wide range of file extensions for document export. For instance, you can organize your file in the .epub or HTML file.

The option to export documents as .epub is of particular value for writers, content creators, marketers, and other creative professionals. In fact, the .epub format allows for the creation of an electronic book without the need to refer to any editorial agency. Moreover, such e-books would be compatible with most OS platforms and devices.