Troubleshooting CarPlay Not Working While Phone is Charging: Possible Solutions


Apple CarPlay has revolutionized the manner we interact with our automobiles, seamlessly integrating our iPhones into the car’s infotainment machine. However, encountering problems with CarPlay at the same time as charging your smartphone may be frustrating. If you’ve skilled the catch 22 situation of your phone charging, but CarPlay no longer functioning as expected, fear now not! In this newsletter, we will discover a few not unusual causes and capability solutions to resolve this problem.

Check the Cable and Connection

The first step in troubleshooting CarPlay connectivity troubles whilst charging your smartphone is to check out the cable and connection. Ensure that you are the usage of an Apple-certified Lightning cable, as third-celebration or damaged cables may additionally result in connectivity problems. Also, take a look at the cable for any signs and symptoms of damage and tear, as even minor harm can disrupt information transfer between your iPhone and the car’s infotainment system. Consider the usage of a distinct cable to peer if the difficulty persists.

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Verify CarPlay Compatibility

Before delving deeper into the issue, verify that your vehicle’s infotainment device helps CarPlay and that it is nicely activated. Some older vehicle fashions might not assist CarPlay, and in such instances, you will want to discover opportunity techniques of connecting your iPhone to the automobile’s machine.

Restart iPhone and Car Infotainment System

Perform a easy restart of both your iPhone and the auto’s infotainment device. Sometimes, transient system faults can purpose CarPlay to prevent working successfully. By restarting both devices, you can remedy any minor software program hiccups that can be inflicting the difficulty.

Check CarPlay Settings on iPhone

In some cases, the hassle may lie within the CarPlay settings to your iPhone. To verify and alter the settings:

a. Go to “Settings” to your iPhone.
B. Tap on “CarPlay” (for older iOS versions, it is probably “General” > “CarPlay”).
C. Select your automobile’s call from the listing of available CarPlay devices.
D. Ensure that the “Connect through CarPlay” option is enabled, and ensure you haven’t accidentally disabled any essential functions.

Update iOS and Car Infotainment System Software

Outdated software can reason compatibility issues among your iPhone and the auto’s infotainment machine. Check for any to be had updates for both your iPhone’s iOS and the car’s infotainment machine. Apple frequently releases updates to cope with insects and beautify compatibility, so keeping both gadgets up to date is vital.

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Reset Network Settings on iPhone

If CarPlay continues to be not operating at the same time as your phone is charging, resetting network settings in your iPhone might assist. Keep in thoughts that this action will eliminate stored Wi-Fi passwords, VPN settings, and other network-related configurations. To reset community settings:

a. Go to “Settings” in your iPhone.
B. Navigate to “General.”
c. Scroll down and select “Reset.”
d. Tap on “Reset Network Settings” and verify the action.

Visit an Authorized Service Center

If you have tried all the above solutions and CarPlay continues to be not operating whilst charging your smartphone, it’s time to seek expert help. Visit a licensed carrier center, both for Apple or your vehicle’s manufacturer. Certified technicians can diagnose hardware or software program issues and provide appropriate solutions.


Experiencing CarPlay problems at the same time as charging your smartphone can be exasperating, but the properly information is that most problems can be resolved with some easy troubleshooting steps. Start by way of checking the cable and connection, verifying CarPlay compatibility, and restarting each your smartphone and car’s infotainment device. Additionally, ensure your software is up to date, and don’t hesitate to reset network settings if wished. If all else fails, don’t hesitate to seek help from the specialists. Rest confident, you’ll quickly be back to playing the seamless integration of Apple CarPlay along with your automobile.