Things to Consider When Weighing the Cost of Caribbean Medical School Tuition

Deciding to attend a medical school is a big decision in itself. Undoubtedly, you worked your way through medical universities’ applications and definitely have compared programs that suit you best before making a decision. Now, there is only one thing that you are skeptical about- course cost.

If you are considering a medical school on the Caribbean Island, you may have looked into the course cost, right. So, you must know the per semester tuition and fees of an MD program Basic Science in top medical schools in the Caribbean are approximately between USD 17,800 and USD 19,950 for matriculants up to five semesters. At the same time, it averages between USD 22,850 and USD 24,350 for matriculants above six semesters for studying the MD program Clinical Medicine.

You may find these numbers intimidating until you compare the program cost with those offered in American or Canadian medical schools. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), a matriculant pays around USD 37,556 per year for attending a public medical school in the US. At the same time, it costs approximately USD 60,000 per annum to study an MD program in a private university of America. So, when you compare the Caribbean medical school tuition costs to those in the US or Canada, you will find that Caribbean medical universities are good in terms of price.

If you are still struggling with your perceptions, we have listed out a few factors that you must consider when weighing the cost of Caribbean medical school tuition.

  1. Federal student loans

For those students who have scored well in the MCAT and meet all eligibility requirements, federal student loans are the most convenient way to finance their medical education. Students can take advantage of a broad range of public and private options to finance their medical studies. You must note that there are some loan repayment and forgiveness programs as well.

  1. Scholarship facilities

Medical schools in the Caribbean boast scholarship facilities to deserving students. Caribbean medical schools are committed to making students successful practitioners. For this, medical schools award institutional or organizational scholarships based on student’s academic excellence or need. A few significant scholarships awarded to students are the Canadian Loyalty Scholarship, Canadian Merit Scholarship, and US Academic Scholarship.

  1. Insurance

Besides financial aid, Caribbean medical schools also have the provision of insurance for matriculants. These include student health insurance, medical evacuation, and repatriation and liability insurance. You must note that students require to carry health insurance coverage during their studies at the medical university.

  1. Dormitory rates

The cost of living is a significant concern when deciding to study abroad. If you compare accommodation costs in the US to the Caribbean, you will be surprised as staying in the Caribbean is pretty affordable. Medical schools in the Caribbean provide dormitory facilities to unaccompanied first-semester students. These dormitories are equipped with an air-conditioner, refrigerator, and microwave. The cost of a single-occupancy is approximately USD 2,936.

Aren’t medical schools in the Caribbean are better return on investments? If you feel so, apply to a medical course in the Caribbean right away!