There Is Nothing Weird About Buying Beds Online!

When shopping for a big-ticket item like a bed, people want to buy the right one, especially if it needs to last long. So, people have this idea that it is better to buy then at a brick-and-mortar store than online. Most people prefer traditional shopping and find it weird to buy a wooden bed online, but there is nothing strange or weird about it. If you go the virtual way of shopping there are so many benefits that you will be surprised by the variety, types, and brands. However, like every other type of shopping, having an understanding of certain factors helps in making better choices. Let’s find out what those are:

The Material of the Wooden Bed


There are many types of wood from which beds can be made and among the solid wood, the different varieties are teak wood, Sheesham wood, acacia wood, etc. Experts from Wakefit opine that, the best solid wood that is durable and long-lasting is the Sheesham wood. Beds made from this wood are popular in India for the following reasons:

  • Easy to carve: It is considered as the best for carving exquisite designs. The properties of the wood are such that it has a medium-coarse texture, is hard and hence easy to carve. Moreover, it does not bend, split, or warp compared to other wood types and has better tensile strength and has a unique grainy finish.
  • Different shades: This wood can be polished or waxed by hand to give a smooth texture and different shade. Moreover, it has many varieties and each one with a different colour, if you are looking for natural shades. When the unique grain structure is exposed to different light it gives a different shade. 
  • Durable and long-lasting: The Indian rosewood or the Sheesham wood is durable and moisture-resistant and hence less prone to decay. It is naturally resistant to termites and extreme weather and hence long-lasting. 
  • Affordable: Unlike other solid wood like rosewood, this is a more affordable option. It does not need any special maintenance and can be easily cleaned using a dry cotton cloth. It can be rewaxed or polished if it gets faded once in every few years.

Due to these and many other advantages, leading mattress manufacturers use this type of wood to make high-quality durable and good-looking beds. The different types of wooden beds found in the market are:

Plywood beds: This is another common type of material used in India to make beds. These beds have many disadvantages, and one of the reason is, it does not last long. Moreover, they are not strong and hence may not be able to hold a mattress and cause it to sag. 

Particle beds: These are machine-made and though the finishing looks perfect it is not of good quality. They are highly fragile and affects the quality of sleep. 

What are the different Bed sizes available?

Beds online are available in different sizes and range from a small single bed to a larger king-size bed. 

Single beds: These are ideal for a single adult who does not have enough space available for larger beds. It is ideal for a kid’s room, dorm, hostels, etc where one adult can sleep comfortably. 

Diwan beds: These are commonly used in Indian living rooms. It is multi-functional and can be used as a sitting or sleeping furniture. It is also ideal for guest rooms where space is a premium. 

Queen beds: These are ideal for the Indian bedroom and most couples prefer this option as it suits an average-sized bedroom. It is also good for budget hotels and guest rooms too. 

King-size beds: It is recommended for couples who sleep with their kids. It can fit in if you have a bigger room else may cram the whole space. 

Which Bed is ideal for your Room?

The ideal bed size is the one that suits your room size and the room you are placing it in. For example, for a younger kid’s room, you can make do with a single bed but if a teenager is sleeping in that room then you may look at upgrading and use a double bed or a diwan size. Similarly, if you allow your kids to sleep with you often then a king-size bed offers more sleeping space than a queen bed, provided you have enough space in the room.

Before making a decision on the size, measure the size of the room, also factor in space for mandatory bedroom furniture. Also, ensure there is enough room to move around the bed.

Other Things to Consider

  • Finish: Look for colour and finish that suits your bedroom decor
  • Strength: When you buy bed online consider the strength of the bed as it is the foundation for your mattress. 
  • Accessibility: Choose the correct height, especially those with mobility issues. 
  • Price: It is a major criterion to consider. Keep a budget that is not too low as that can affect the quality of the bed. 

Sleep is essential for the health of a person. To be able to get good quality sleep, a quality bed is a prerequisite. It is best to buy a bed online as it comes in a variety of designs, quality, types, and finishes. All these are available at your fingertips without having to go out. When chosen properly it not only provides a good quality sleep but also adds value to your room.