SMS services – definition, benefits, and best practices for private registrations

What is SMS?

SMS (or short message service) is also referred to as text messaging, and it’s an innate component of most mobile phones, internet communications, and other systems. This service relies on specific communication protocols, which allow several communication devices to exchange messages.

Benefits of SMS

Every year people send each other trillions of short text messages. This is one of the largest industries generating billions of dollars annually.

Various companies use SMS primarily to convey marketing information to customers worldwide because it’s a relatively inexpensive way of communication.

This is one of the oldest technologies used by businesses, which send messages, and then they appear on the screen right in the palm of the end-user.

Billions of people are using mobile phones; that’s why SMS is a reliable tool for online services to register via a phone number.

Online SMS services

Online SMS service is a sort of an SMS gateway. These companies make it possible to privately register on various websites such as social media, online stores, or email services. For instance, if you’d like to use a second account on Facebook, Twitter, or Telegram, you don’t have to confirm your registration via your personal phone number and then receive tons of annoying promotional messages.

Private registration: best practices

There’s no need to buy another SIM-card and insert it into your phone now and then when you need to. Online SMS services allow its users to register via a virtual phone number without a hitch. OnlineSIM is one such service that will enable you to confirm your registration on various services privately.

The OnlineSIM company offers more than 10K phone numbers from 30 countries. Among others, it is Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Finland, the UK, the USA, and Poland. When you buy your number, no-one else will get access to it.

OnlineSIM offers proprietary software that emulates the work of real SIM-cards. After purchasing a phone number, you’ll be able to receive confirmation codes in text messages. You rent a number for a period of time from one day to an unlimited period. If you choose the option of the long-term number rent, you’ll be able to receive SMS online for an entire period.

The bottom line

Online receive SMS that’s what you get with a little help from an online SMS provider. You will be able to receive SMS messages to virtual numbers from all over the world. This is the way to verify your accounts without compromising privacy privately. There are free disposable numbers and paid-ones; the latter is more secure, of course.