Product photography for e-Commerce business

One of the significant challenges for E-Commerce brands is to showcase their products in the most appropriate way to attract consumers. Professional Amazon product photography is an indispensable component of attracting more customers and achieving better sales conversion rates. Similarly, e-Commerce product videos are also crucial for converting entice shoppers into potential customers.

E-commerce websites have taken product photography and videography to new heights due to their varied applications. Websites planning to integrate video production and product photography will come across a few of the obvious challenges initially. Product photography serves as the pillars of successful and sustainable e-commerce ventures. Business owners have now understood its importance and are eager to invest in quality product photography and videography.

Shoppers are more attracted to clear product photographs

The biggest hurdles for online shoppers is that they are unable to see or feel the product physically before placing their money. This is the reason why product photography for e-Commerce brands has become an essential aspect of the e-commerce platform. 

The product portfolio of an E-commerce platform forms its face; the visitors solely rely upon photographs to understand the quality of a product and its brand. However, it becomes hard to sell even the highest quality products online if the corresponding photographs are of poor quality.

Customers typically try to stay away from products that use small, pixilated, poor quality images as a correspondence. Product photography for E-Commerce brands serves as a tool to develop trust among customers. Good photographs and videos give the customer a comprehensible vision of what they can wait for.

Websites looking for higher conversion rates integrating good product videos and Amazon product photography is an absolute must. Studies have found that more than 95% of the customers feel that good product photography plays a significant role in influencing a purchase decision. The following are some of the tips for ensuring good quality product photography.

Include lifestyle images and clean product shots

Product photography for e-Commerce brands comprises two main images, namely lifestyle images and product shots. It is suggested to have both kinds of photographs for a product to increase its sellability.

Customers always look for clear product images that show the product next to a white background. Multiple shots from different angles help the consumer to understand how the products look and what to expect.

Transparency plays a big role in product photography and videos, typically shoppers in an online store are unable to pick a product to see around it. Hence they solely rely upon clean photos from different angles before purchasing a product. High definition photographs with zoom-in features allow customers to inspect the product closely before buying.

The best practice is to take product images in opposition to a white background to enhance the appearance of the website. Lifestyle photographs are also important for attracting potential customers. It helps in developing an emotional connection with the product; buyers are more enticed to seeing the product in use against different backdrops. 

Some kinds of products like organic cosmetics and health care products appeal more to the target audience if shot with organic material and plant life in the background. It also allows showcasing the key ingredients of the product in the background.

Every product displayed in an e-commerce website must feature multiply shots from different angles, along with some lifestyle images

Making the best use of natural light

E-Commerce brands on a small budget can easily work around natural lighting for clicking their products without investing in fancy lighting setups. Late afternoon and early morning are the perfect hours for shooting any kind of products using natural light? At these times the sun is less direct which helps in avoiding contrasting shadows

Slightly cloudy days are the most preferred for indoor photography as they give better results compared to sunny days. It provides the much needed soft lighting effect without spending much on specialized equipment.

If the natural light appears to be too bright white dripping paper can be used as a diffuser, similarly reflective is used to direct the light into the product. Some prefer to use bounce cards for filling light into the Shadows using a natural light source. 

Usually, a three-light system is used for indoor product photography to eliminate unwanted harsh shadows

Preparations are crucial before the shoot

Preparations are an important aspect of product photography for E-Commerce branding. Before taking a snap, it is important to a have a clear idea of the product, its shape and size, and use. One must strictly avoid using products that have dents, damages, or blemishes over them.

Even the smallest amount of imperfection will have a huge impact on the quality of the photograph. Product shots and videos serve as the only means for the consumer for evaluating a product. Stickers and price tags must be hidden or removed at the time of taking a photograph.

Making use of the right camera

Cameras on smartphones have come a long way in terms of quality but it is always recommended to use a proper DSLR for product photography and videography. In some cases, wide-angle lenses are preferred for lifestyle shots. Product photographs should be as good as real life. Individuals using a smartphone for taking shots of the product should strictly avoid using filters or any type of special effect.

Tripod is a must

Using a tripod for product photography adds stability and prevents blurry images on the website. Tripods are great for ensuring professional quality photographs that are clear, focused, and consistent simultaneously. Tripods are sensible investment given the quality of photographs one can get by simply mounting the camera on a stable mount. If sourcing a tripod is not possible, any kind of immobile and elevated surface like a stack of books, or chairs can be used. 

Currently, several marketing companies are offering affordable Amazon product photography and videography packages. These companies have a team of experienced photographers and editors with complete knowledge in product photography for e-Commerce branding. They help organizations showcase their products to potential customers in the best possible manner without investing much in equipment or dedicated photography teams.