Online slot addiction problems: Signs and Symptoms

There are so many opportunities for people to enjoy playing slots that, although fun and a hobby that can really help you to relax, an addiction can be formed relatively easily, if you have an addictive personality and you don’t set limits for yourself.

Luckily, most people are certainly able to control their gambling and they can simply enjoy games like White Wizard slots in the way they were meant to be played. For those who might have a problem, however, it is useful to know the signs and symptoms to look out for, just in case.

Why Do Gambling Addictions Occur?

There are a number of reasons why gambling addictions occur. One of the biggest reasons is to do with losses. If someone loses a lot of money when they are gambling (or even a relatively small amount of money), they will always be tempted to chase after that loss and try to win to make up for it. The majority of people will, however, realise that this is not how gambling works – you’re not ‘due’ a win and you can’t chase a loss successfully most of the time – but those with an addiction will continue to try. Their fun, harmless hobby will suddenly become something that puts them in a lot of difficulties and under a lot of stress.

The problem is that this chasing of losses becomes a never-ending cycle. In order to keep up with the losses and in an attempt to try to make up for them, the gambler will spend more and more money, going after loss after loss. They might borrow money from friends and family, or perhaps even from banks or other lenders. They might apply for loans, even remortgage properties. They could end up being mired in debt.

Another reason for a gambling addiction is the ‘high’ that players experience, whether they win or lose. There is indeed a certain thrill to the game and this is why a lot of people like to play it, but when this thrill becomes so enticing that it is all someone can think of, there is an addiction at play which could overtake their entire lives.

Other reasons for a gambling addiction include:

· A need for money (which only increases over time)

· The social status of being a ‘professional’ gambler

· The thrill of playing

· The atmosphere of the gambling scene

The Signs Of A Gambling Addiction

You might be concerned that a friend or loved one is suffering from a gambling addiction, and you might have noticed that their enjoyment of a simple online game of slots has become a lot more, interfering in their lives in a big way. Here are some signs to look out for in case this is what is happening.

If you notice someone being secretive about playing online slots, this could indeed be a problem. They might literally hide their phone or laptop when someone enters the room, or might be that they used to be vocal about their gaming and now they don’t talk about it.

You might spot that they have a gambling problem through other means rather than online slots. Perhaps they are buying more Lotto tickets than normal, or going into the bookmakers when they would have steered clear before.

Do they have little money, perhaps they even complain about it, and then play online slots anyway? If they don’t have a lot of money (perhaps because it has been gambled away) but continue to spend online, this might be a sign that they have a problem and that, although they understand the difficult financial position they are in, they still can’t stop.