Online Sales: What You Must Do Before Anyone Clicks ‘Buy’

It’s really easy to get an online presence and get to the point where people can pay for your goods. It’s usually a case of setting up a website and adding eCommerce elements to it, followed by social media promotion. You can’t just do that and expect your business to automate the process, however. Once they’ve clicked the ‘buy’ button, everything is in your hands. This is what you need to do.


The first thing on your mind should be the type of platform you want to sell your products with. For example, you could take advantage of eBay and Amazon’s services. Many businesses choose to do this, as it bypasses the need to develop a brand-new system. However, the downside is that you’re playing by their rules. They set the payments you’ll need to pay, and you can’t do a thing about it. The alternative is set up a system yourself.


Let’s assume you’ve set up your own payment system for your customers. Now, you need to start thinking about security. How can you ensure that their details will be kept confidentially? How can you ensure that hackers and other criminals won’t intercept your website? This is where additional security measures should be sought.

Payment Options

If you’re going to set up as an online merchant, it makes sense that you’ll need a merchant account. This is what allows you to make sales and take payments from things like credit cards and PayPal transactions. There are lots of different merchant account options out there, varying in rates. It’s your job to get the best solution for your money. Also, consider offering extra payment options if you so desire. Some websites offer the ability to pay by text, for example. This choice is yours to make.

Software Needs

It’s great that you’ve made the transaction and everything, but what happens next? How are you going to get these products out to the customer? Most companies look to shipping software for this need, as it automates the process in many ways. Instead of manually sorting each order, the software can automate your shipping requirements. Also, don’t forget about the importance of CRM software. This can keep a record of transactions and help to highlight potential sales opportunities in the future.

Customer Support

You’ll find that when you make a payment with an online store, you’re normally greeted with an email confirmation. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of what you need to provide. Having an online customer support team available for your customers is crucial. Without one, those with problems will soon become wary of your company. They’ll vent online, and the reputation of your business will begin to suffer. If you can’t backup your sales with a reputable level of service, you’re not going to be successful for long.

It’s tempting to put that ‘buy’ button on your website and watch the clicks roll in. But, these are all crucial considerations that must be thought about. Follow them, and you should avoid any potential issues along the way.