Meet Your New Best Friend – Dealer Connect App!

There have not been many apps that have been able to capture the dealership data with so much ease and flexibility. Forget about the technical stuff, there haven’t been apps that have captured the imagination of users in such a big way and the industry is going berserk with this biggie. Be it the industry standards, the sheer ease with which the data can be mined is simply phenomenal and would not have been possible without this app. Yes, the name which has deservedly got all the praise from the industry leader and is being called the “Gold Standard” is none else than the Dealer Connect app.

This app gives you the freedom of capturing vital dealership data from absolutely anywhere! Yes, many of you who have not used this app might be wondering about the above mentioned statement and would be left thinking if the app can capture the date which is out of the phone range! Well, well, well, the answer is a big ‘Yes’ and this is just the beginning of hearing some of the unheard and unheralded features of this app. The off-line data capture capability allows this app to effortlessly sync in with your Fastrack Dealer Net Stocklist. Inspection of the equipment and technicians are some of the other genres that that can easily be synced in with this off-line facility. Another important advantage of this off-line data capture capability is that it facilitates the complete reduction of paperless appraisals. Now the aforementioned is a huge point, as this has been the center of talks of almost every big shot meeting and there were transformations going on but not as radical and efficient as the above mentioned. This new listing loading functionality is going to be a historical step or a key milestone in the history of the dealership program of modern India.

Another remarkable feature of this Dealer Connect app is the kind of accuracy it provides, across all the various genres of equipment. In other apps, the data capture screens are not cut out for the various genres of handling equipment and thus, the accuracy is not there up to the mark. However, in case of the Dealer Connect app, the capture screens are customer made for various handling equipment, which belong to different genres, including the likes of all kinds of Transport & stuff, material handling, earth mining, agricultural and earthmoving & shoving! Yes, these are the kind of various streams for which the capture screens are custom made and not only the result due to this above mentioned schema is accurate but pretty consistent too. If within a given set of stream, the conditions are kept the same then the result of this app both the times would be excruciatingly same. This is the beauty of this app!

Now then, people who are not very good at operating computers or mobile apps need not worry, as the installation part is pretty easy. If you are worried that most difficult things being after installation then take a chill pill, as your Fastback Account Manager will deliver all the login credentials well before you start the initial process. Once the installation has been done, you just need to login with the credentials provided by the Fastback Account manager and you will be in!

This app also identifies the equipment with the on-shot photos and once the corroboration is done, reports you of the same. If this was not enough there is an additional feature of VIN barcode scanning and this feature makes this app meaner and more worth! There isn’t any surprise as this app is the leader of the pack in its genre!

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