How an Innovative Smartphone Medication Adherence App- CeyHello – Helps in Treating Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a name of such a disease that has generated fear in the minds of people all over the world. The disease is some 6,000 years old and at its height has affected many lives. Tuberculosis (TB), consumption, scrofula, Phthisis and the White Plague are the different names of one disease only. The disease, tuberculosis is an infection caused by the bacteria, Mycobacterium and this is a communicable disease that spreads from one person to another via infection. It spreads through inhaling tiny droplets of the coughs or sneezes of an infected person and affects the lungs, kidney, glands, spine and respiratory system. Though, it’s a serious health condition, but can be cured with proper treatment.

This disease, tuberculosis, is affecting almost around nine million people worldwide. The most common symptom of this disease is cough, if that lasts three or more weeks, blood in the cough, chest pain or pain while breathing and coughing , fatigue, fever, chill, loss of appetite and sudden weight loss. As the disease grows advance, the condition of patient starts declining more and they get easily frustrated with the people or even family around them. A timely diagnosis of this disease can help it to be treated well on time. How tuberculosis can be diagnosed depends on the kind of symptoms a patient have. Several tests like Pulmonary TB, Extra pulmonary TB and Mantoux test are conducted to diagnose tuberculosis. A doctor may recommend a computerized tomography, X-Ray, MRI scan to the patient and can also refer to some other blood tests for the diagnosis of tuberculosis so as to know the actual stage and type of this disease. A healthy lifestyle, balanced eating habits and proper diagnosis and treatment on time can help you controlling TB.

Though, it’s quite painful to see your loved ones suffering from this disease but what you can do for them is to help them overcoming this situation smartly. A smartphone medication adherence app, such as CeyHello which can be easily installed in your smartphone is a great way to begin with. We all are smartphone users and a good news is that now we can manage the health of our family and loved ones through a smartphone app which is designed to track such disease which demand more attention and care when it comes to the treatment. With this smartphone medication adherence app, you can keep a consistent check on the medicines of that person. At times, it may be difficult to remember taking medicine due to hectic schedule or other stuff but with CeyHello, you keep a check on the medication and can avoid the risk of forgetting taking your medicines.

CeyHello is an excellent medication management digital platform that helps in managing the medications of patients suffering from some serious health disorders. And an interesting fact to share is, CeyHello cares different; it’s a digital care with human touch! Yes, because this app has a feature called ‘care circle’. In this app, there are people connected socially just like your family members who help in motivating the patients to take their medicine on time. People struggling with this disease, find a great mental support and hope to see the indulgence of their family members within their treatment plan through this app and get strength to lead a healthy life! You can send amazing ‘moticons’ to the patients connected with you through this app, can motivate them and bring smile to their faces. The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store or itunes. Wish you all a healthier and happier lifestyle ahead.