Important Guidelines to Make Your Mobile Web Design Success

Mobile web design is not merely planning a design for the mobile website. There are many other layers in between. If the current statistics are anything to go by then in the next few years we will use our smart phones to access the different sites and purchase from there rather than doing it from our desktop. In fact Google has realized the role and potential of this aspect and hence it has again revamped its Google Analytics algorithm which makes it essential for the different companies to have a mobile friendly website.

  • Think ahead: when you are getting a mobile website made, keep one thing in mind, the world of technology is very much fast paced. Updates take place every alternate day. So when you are getting your website made make sure that it meets the current trends and will be useful even a few years down the line before you think of revamping your site.
  • Knowledge of target audience and their use patterns is vital: knowing what type of device your target audience uses will help you to decide on the design and layout of the website. It is true that most of us use smart phones either Android or iPhones but that is not the case always. Moreover, you need to have a clear idea regarding the purpose for which your target audience uses their smart phones and how as well as the quality of their internet connection. Depend on research and statistics to find out more about this. You need to find out about the internet connection because your clients may have to fill up forms and for that they need a good connection.
  • What about the navigation?: This area was overlooked initially. But, over the years it has gained significance because if your users are not able to navigate through the website they will not be able to browse through the different products and services offered. Do you think you will like a website where you can hardly access anything?
  • Challenge what is out there already: don’t hesitate to challenge what is already out there. If you check out the World Wide Website, you will notice that there are many tutorials and videos out there that beautifully explain how to create a mobile website. Check them out and create something new out of it.
  • The right content, delivered quickly: most of the popular mobile website are clean and elegant. Moreover, the content is relevant. Ask your clients what they are looking for and formulate accordingly. Say for example if you have a site that gives information on different restaurants that you can visit with your family- make sure that it will give information regarding menu, table reservation and maps on how to reach the particular restaurant.
  • Limited layers: don’t offer too many layers as it will distract the attention of the client. At the most, opt for 2 layers. If the client has to tap here, there and everywhere in order to get the information, he will hardly be bothered to check out your website.
  • Design as per the user’s interest: when you are selecting the design and layout of the mobile website, take into account the user’s interest. Find out what he is looking for, what will set you apart from your competitors and accordingly select the design and layout of the website. At the end of the day it is your client’s satisfaction that is of utmost importance.
  • Selecting the right web font: don’t opt for the run of the mill font style and size. When you have the option of embed fonts on a mobile site, get creative. Use a font style and size that will help your mobile website stand out amongst the rest.
  • Don’t fixate over different devices: don’t obsess over the different types of smart phones. Some are touch screen while others are not. It is not possible to meet all the requirements of different types of smart phones. So concentrate on the other aspects. If you are offering the other things in the right way, then this single factor will not matter much. So don’t get hung up over this.
  • Battery life matters: take into account the battery life. Though this might appear confusing but your users will thank you for this. If your website uses HTML5 features then it will drain out the battery. Most of the latest smart phones have powerful processors and limited battery life. So if you optimize the use of processor then the battery will drain out. So use these HTML5 features as less as possible.

Follow these guidelines and you will be all set to go!