How to love your job when you do not like it?

Being an expert at your job does not necessarily mean that you love it. Right?

The average person spends a maximum of their time at work. Hence, it is essential to be happy and satisfied with what you do.

There are some ways you can fall in love with what you do even if you do not like it at present. This article is aimed at giving you the best of tips you might find helpful.

Gratitude list for your job

Write down minute things you are grateful for in your job – from the good people you get to interact with to the fact that your job gives you financial security, great learnings, and allows you to support your family.

Studies have proven that writing down every big and small thing you are grateful for helps you feel optimistic about your present situation and job.

You would feel optimistic and be able to give your best.

Use the right tools and techniques

Sometimes when you are lacking the right tools & techniques you may not be feeling good about your work.

For example, if you are building email list for your email marketing campaign and wish to ensure that it has only the correct email addresses, you could use an email lookup tool to find that email. One such tool is

Remind yourself about the “Why”

We all need the reason to keep going! Right?

So, why did you take up this job in the first place, do you remember? Think about the points that encouraged you to go for it.

It could be that it gives you a good earning, learning opportunity, or that you are working for some good cause, your work schedule is flexible, etc.

What is it in your case, exactly? Why did you take up your current job?

A workspace makeover could help

A high-vibe workspace can help you be inspired with your work. Hence give your workstation a makeover by getting rid of the clutter, photos of people, places or even quotes that inspire you.

You could have a pair of headphones if you like listening to good music while working or light up your workspace with uplifting light.

When you make over your workspace, there is a high chance that you would feel inspired to come to work every day.

Be present

There is no possibility of loving your job if you are not working mindfully. You need to stay present and be focused on the task you are doing.  

This will help you to get new exposure to what you are doing. Besides this, there will be no distraction

And when you don’t have much to do, you could take up additional tasks or pending projects of others. This will get you a good impression.

Ask for support when you need

When you feel overwhelmed, struggling or facing challenges with a project, don’t hold back yourself from consulting your team or manager for support.

Look for ways to delegate the tasks so you could balance your workload.

Write down what you want to improve

When you make a list of what you need to improve, it will help you solve problems. When you know what’s not letting you to feel good about your work, you can work towards improving that, so you do not have much reason to not like your job.

Does that make sense to you?

Learn what is expected of you

You will not feel motivated if you don’t know what is expected from you. Work with your manager to set inspiring yet reasonable goals for you, this might give a sense of working towards a goal and that you are contributing to the organizations’ growth.

Final thoughts

Even the best job and work culture won’t seem great to you if your attitude is not good.  I hope this article helps you to love your job.