How to Change Sensitive Content Settings on Twitter


Twitter is a powerful platform that allows customers to specific themselves, percentage their mind, and engage with others on various subjects. However, the open nature of Twitter way that once in a while sensitive content, along with photograph pictures or express language, may be encountered. To shield users from potentially distressing content, Twitter has implemented a feature that lets in users to customise their touchy content material settings. In this newsletter, we can manual you through the system of changing touchy content material settings on Twitter, making sure you have a safer and extra exciting revel in on the platform.

Step 1: Accessing Account Settings

To begin, you want to log in in your Twitter account. Once logged in, click on to your profile picture, that is generally located within the top right-hand corner of the Twitter interface. A dropdown menu will appear; from there, pick “Settings and Privacy.”

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Step 2: Navigate to Content Preferences

After clicking on “Settings and Privacy,” you’ll be redirected to the “Account” phase. Scroll down the web page till you find “Content preferences.” This section lets you manage the forms of content you need to look on Twitter, such as sensitive content.

Step 3: Adjusting Sensitive Content Settings

In the “Content preferences” section, you’ll see the option to “Display media which can contain touchy content.” By default, this option is enabled. To exchange the settings, actually uncheck the container subsequent to it.

If you choose to have sensitive content material hidden from your timeline completely, disable this selection. Once disabled, any probably touchy media, including pictures or motion pictures, will be hidden from your timeline, and you will need to click on on the media to view it.

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Step 4: Save Changes

After adjusting your sensitive content settings, scroll right down to the lowest of the web page and click on the “Save adjustments” button. Twitter will then replace your options, and your touchy content material settings could be customized consistent with your choice.

Additional Tips:

Muting Words and Phrases: In addition to the sensitive content material settings, Twitter lets in users to mute particular phrases or terms. This characteristic can be useful if there are certain subjects or key phrases you desire to avoid in your timeline.

Reporting Inappropriate Content: If you stumble upon sensitive content that violates Twitter’s guidelines, it is critical to report it. You can try this with the aid of clicking on the three-dot icon (ellipsis) on the tweet and selecting “Report tweet.” Twitter’s moderation crew will overview the content material and take appropriate motion.

Consider Using Lists: If you want to have more manage over the content you see, don’t forget using Twitter Lists. By creating lists, you may arrange debts based totally on pastimes, permitting you to access content from those unique money owed more without problems.


Customizing your sensitive content material settings on Twitter is a simple but effective manner to decorate your enjoy at the platform. By following the steps cited above, you may make certain that Twitter indicates you the content you’re snug with at the same time as minimizing publicity to doubtlessly distressing fabric. Additionally, recall to report any beside the point content material you encounter to help preserve a safe and fun surroundings for all users. Happy tweeting!