Home Cinema: Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Audio System

Are you an audiophile like me? You’ve come to the right place. I love getting the most out of my audio system. Even a slight update makes a huge difference in my mind, while others can’t notice a difference at all. I really need to feel like I’m getting the very best experience possible, or I just can’t enjoy myself. That mentality has led to me learning a lot of valuable lessons over the years and investing in one or two pieces of equipment. So, if you’re hoping to get more out of your cinema system, read on.

Distance & Angle

It all starts with the distance and angle in which you place your speakers. You might just think that putting them on the right sides is enough, but you’d be wrong. The way in which sound travels to your ears will differ dramatically based on where you place them. There are some guides you can find on the net about this, or you can simply experiment to try and find the perfect solution yourself.


The type of cabling you use might just affect the sound that is transmitted from your system. It might not even be anything that is connected to the system at all. You could suffer from issues like electromagnetic interference that interferes with your sound system. You might find that you need ultra-flexibility to wire your system properly. A custom cable could solve this dilemma in both cases. Also, make sure you’re using the highest quality cables you can find. There’s no point skimping on quality when you’re looking for the best audio performance possible.


Most home audio solutions will come with a way of equalising the audio. This means allowing you to tinker with everything from the bass to the treble. You’re also likely to find that there are a number of preset offerings. These will range based on the activity you’re likely to engage in, from watching movies to playing games, for example. Make sure you explore all these options and see if they’re right for you.

Calibration Disks

Some home cinema systems will come packed with calibration disks, or you can order them online. Once inserted, the idea is that it helps you to create the best possible experience in both vision and sound. It tries to automate the process, and some disks are better than others at doing this. Still, it’s definitely worth a try, especially as these disks won’t cost you much at all, if anything.

Look For The Sweet Spot

At the end of the day, all the helpful tools in the world might not be enough to satisfy your needs. We all hear things a little different from each other, and all you want to do is create the best possible sound for your ears. That won’t happen overnight – it’ll take lots of fine tuning to hit that perfect sweet spot. For audiophiles like us, it can get really irritating when we just can’t find the right sound. But, it’ll come, so resist the temptation to give in, and you’ll get there eventually.