Five tips before you bought a new router in 2021

2020 was a year where the demand for internet connection increased tremendously, whether it provides good connectivity. The one who has or wants to have a router is on top of the world, and their excitement can’t be measured. This is the happiness, not only to the person who provides the network, which gives you the whole family a new experience having a bundle of internet.

Owning a WIFI router has become an essential part of every household. It provides us with a high-speed internet connection that lasts for long durations. It is faster than mobile data and is unrestricted in terms of speed, connectivity, and the amount of data used.

Having an internet connection that is reliable and doesn’t falter is essential, especially during a pandemic where most people work from home and get most of their meetings, job interviews, and online classes hosted through online applications. It would help if you had a solid and fast WIFI router to maximize the speed provided by your networking agent.

So, have excitement but don’t forget to consider this thing before buying a router. I feel many people do not know about the product they are going to buy. In this case, there are high chances of getting manipulated by the buyers by providing false information about gadgets/ products.

Things to be considered before buying the Router:

1. Lifespan

The router’s lifespan ( typical Indian mindset whenever we buy something we want a long life span, same goes with gadgets) buyers must inquire about the lifespan of the router till what time it will give a good result. 

The speed, specifications, and investment value of the WIFI router will be useless if you do not consider the rate of use you will put your WIFI through. It isn’t easy to live without the internet, but most individuals pay phone bills in thousands and use their data connections.

This factor can also determine the chance of you buying a router. If your job revolves around factoring and working around online facilities, it is the best investment. In contrast, if you go to office complexes to work, you will barely have time to relax due to the work duties and workload.

If you are a student and use your router for long hours for your school work and leisurely activities, it is good to purchase a high-speed router for the long run.

2. Price – 

One of the most intrinsic extenuating. A different range of the router is available in the market, but we have to select one that gives the elevated result and worth to the price. What happens once we buy something we regret, that time we should invest a little more money to buy a good one. So, avoid this extenuating.

This is one of the most important factors when buying any product, mostly electronics. Companies charge a lot for a brand that breaks down after a month of usage and become a complicated investment rather than a helpful one. This way, the company loses potential customers due to manufacturing defects and other physical problems.

Remember that if a router is priced high, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has the best quality. It can turn out to be average. Research the products thoroughly before buying something online by watching video reviews, asking your friends, and getting a second opinion online. The best price ranges for a WIFI router are between 1000 to 3000 rupees; consider companies with great reviews on websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal.

3. Single or dual-band- 

One of significant heed, relatively simple and most straightforward choice but still people are confused. Suppose you lived in a crowded or densely populated area. Then you have to go with a dual-band router. If you don’t need faster wireless speed and don’t have a crowded room, you can go with a single-band router.

A router’s dual-band capability allows it to get better frequencies in your device in the simplest terms. There are usually two types of frequencies used, 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. Each of them has unique capabilities that are useful in different situations.

The 2.4 GHz frequency is better at getting signals through walls but has some speed limitations, while the 5GHz has better speed and connection capabilities. That is why owning a router with Dual-Band capability will allow you to have more incredible speed anywhere in the house and at a range outside of it.

4.USB port – 

According to your requirement of the USB port in the router, it is totally up to you, but, I would like to suggest you buy a router with a USB port, it will give results after knowing the use of USB port in the router. 

5. Check For The Speed

Most of the routers get praised due to their internet connection speed. The intermediate routers typically provide you with a rate of 2 to 8 Mbps of speed that is nearly enough for you to stream Netflix shows at high-definition quality without any interruptions.

The speed is the first thing anyone checks for whenever inquiring about WIFI routers. However, a point to remember is that most routers won’t reach the desired speed mentioned due to world conditions and frequent interruptions in the connection.

Range – 

Quite heed one, the range gives you the smoothness of the network. If you’re working from home, you must be looking for regular connectivity, minimum leakages, high speed, security, etc. Thus selecting the correct router matters the most for hassle-free working without worries.

This is often the deciding factor when buying anything in the online world since the brand or manufacturer always impacts the purchasing decision of a specific product offered by the company. The same goes for your router; you must look for a reputed brand with a history of providing good quality electronics.

You can trust their products without knowing most technical terms and having knowledge of technobabble. Some of the best brands out there are Asus, TP-Link, Google, and Amazon eero. These brands have goodwill backing them along with years of customer reviews that exceed expectations.


Last but not least, if you’re particular about your choice, you must have to consider this along with what you want, go with the pocket-friendly router, and according to need.

We all need or expect the router, and In simple words, we want some security, performance enhancement, reliability, and networking range. 

Many companies will guarantee you the best router there is, but eventually, it all boils down to what you think is the best according to your preferences and work schedule. The best thing to do is learn about your requirements and pick out 2 to 3 models based on them. This will quickly narrow your search and give you a basic idea of what company to buy from. It will also allow you to learn about the different things required for a good WIFI router to function. The thing to know is the basic terminologies which you will understand after 10 minutes of researching.

So, after buying and fixing it, you should log in with the help from And have a secure and robust network. Then it will be easy to run streaming games/ apps/ web series, which are most popular among youth and new generations. It will give you no network issues, which we generally use the phrase to avoid teacher calls. More and more, it will be a good experience if you find good connectivity with a good gadget.

We hope you learned about the basics of buying a router in 2021 through the given tips. Have a good day!