Five reasons why you should go for a fashion designing course in Delhi

Undoubtedly, fashion designing is a great career choice because the field has acquired immense growth and popularity, especially in the past few years. Fashion designing involves designing clothes and accessories. Fashion designing has been popular from the traditional days. However, in recent years, the popularity has steeply risen. 

As a fashion designer, you are not only confined to India. You can make a career abroad and earn a high salary. After finishing the fashion designing course, the candidates have incalculable options before them. Fashion designing graduates have the option to work for big design houses, apparel production firms and trade units for a full-time job or launch their label. 

Aspirants looking to join fashion courses should consider Delhi as the National capital provides good opportunities with a diversity of options to choose from depending on the time and budget. Some of the important factors that make Delhi a wise pick for fashion studies are:

  1. Foreign exchange programmes: Most of the fashion design institutes and establishments have tie-ups with international universities worldwide. The renowned Pearl Academy has a tie-up with Nottingham Trent University, under which they allow the students to get an educational experience abroad.
  2. Different branches: The programmes offered by fashion design institutes in Delhi are not restricted to fashion courses. These programmes also cover other intertwined disciplines. Pearl Academy offers varied courses, including photography, animation, etc., creating diversification for the students and opening their doors for new opportunities. The colleges also offer short-term courses and other diploma courses.
  3. Vast variety: With a total of 141 design and fashion establishments running successfully and more scheduled to show up, fashion designing in Delhi is digging in for the long haul. Pursue a fashion designing course in Delhi from top institutes like the Pearl Academy is ideal for students with aspirations in this field. The better the competition, the better the growth.
  4. Rewarding placements: Fashion institutes in Delhi have over the years proven their expertise through well-designed curriculum, advanced courses and lucrative placements. Top institutes like the Pearl Academy have 100% placement records with multiple international offers. The average salary for fashion designers starts from Rs. 5,00,000 lakhs annually. Usually, fashion graduates from top institutes join prominent export houses, celebrated fashion labels or design houses. After getting enough exposure and knowledge, some of the students start their own companies and become entrepreneurs.
  5. Franchise connections: The top prevailing institutes in Delhi have established their brand name and now succeed in inviting franchises over to grow and expand further. Delhi being the fashion hub is home to innumerable franchises and brands offering plenty of opportunities to the students.

Best fashion Institutes in Delhi

  • Pearl Academy
  • International Institute of Fashion Design
  • Design Academy
  • International School of Design
  • JD Institute of Fashion Technology
  • Dream Zone

 Top Fashion Designing programs in Delhi

  • B.Design Fashion Design
  • B.Design Textile Design
  • B.Design Leather Design
  • B.F Tech. Apparel Production
  • B.Sc. in Fashion Design
  • B.A.(Hons) Fashion Design
  • B.A. (Hons) Communication Design
  • B.A. (Hons) Jewellery Design
  • B.A. (Hons) Fashion Styling and Image Design

The education framework is perfectly curated for candidates who want to make it big in fashion or other related fields. To become a global designer, you must wisely pick the right institution, considering their strengths and passion for the subject.