How to Find Your Wireless Router’s Web Address

Finding the wireless router’s IP address is one of the most important things of your router device. Apart from its connection, the web configuration screen is a brain, heart and even soul of your device. This is a place where you can set up all types of essential router options and other settings that requires you to access the network.

In order to access the router’s configuration screen, first of all you need to enter the specific IP address of your device. This IP address is often found in the router’s device manual or printed on the backside of a router.

There are several different types of router devices available. Based on your router model, you are able to use the NetBIOS name of your device instead of using the IP address. In such a case, you just type an URL into the web address bar and then connect up to the specific configuration password.

Easy steps to find the router’s IP address on any computer

To access the router’s IP address, you can refer the router’s web based manual to modify the different settings. This router’s IP address is a default gateway in the network connection on windows. You can also find the IP address by just typing the ipconfig command in the command prompt window. Below are the steps to identify the router’s IP address that includes,

  • Initially, you have to open the control panel and right click on a start button.
  • Now select control panel and click on View Network Status and Tasks.
  • At the top corner of a page, you click on the connection tab.
  • On the window screen, click the details button and look for the router’s IP address to the right side of internet protocol version 4 default gateways.
  • If you are using Mac window, you just click on the Apple menu in the top bar of your screen and then choose System Preferences. And then click on the Network icon.
  • After that, choose the specific network connection and hit on the advanced button appears at the bottom of your screen.
  • Now click on the TCP/IP tab and get your router’s IP address displayed at the right side of a router.

Best ways to setup the wireless router

Today, many router manufacturers have developed the home wireless routers. These router devices are specially designed for non-technical consumers in order to access easier. The latest versions of routers come up with several different color codes, so it becomes much easier for the home users to connect via the cables. This router is simplified with the basic setup configuration in default. Below are the easiest ways to set up the router and run properly without any risks that include,

If you have an own router, first of all you should understand the wireless router comparison and upgrade it immediately based on your router and its features. The advanced router devices are available with the latest features, so it can upgrade automatically via the internet connection. In order to set up the wireless router, you just follow the steps given below,

  • Initially, you have to turn off your modem.
  • You remove the Ethernet cable from your system and plug that cable to the internet port in a new router.
  • Now, you just turn on a mode and wait for a few minutes.
  • Turn on your new router and then wait for another two minutes to reboot the setup
  • Take another Ethernet cable and plug into your computer’s network port
  • Now, you connect another Ethernet cable to the router’s LAN port
  • At last, you just turn on the computer

Protect your wireless router with security lock

Having a wireless network in your home is an excellent idea. When you are using a router in your home, make sure to have an internet connection in a secured manner. If you want to protect your wireless router, you just follow these steps given below:

Use the safe encryption method

The safe encryption is very essential that you can create using a password. For this, you have to select the right option from a security tab in the wireless setup menu.

Make use of a strong encryption password

On Wi-Fi, it is more important to use the strongest passwords with the combination of at least 8 to 10 characters, symbols, numbers and letters.

Restrict the Wi-Fi’s range

By restricting the transmission range, it can decrease the possibility of hacking your network from outside.

Alter the security password frequently

Whenever you enter the web interface, you just change the router’s password quite often.

Whatever the router have you used, first of all you must know about the IP address This specific address is widely used in most of the router manufacturers as a default address. This IP address can helps to setup the router settings on a new device and also used for business computer networks.