Fill your tech newsletter with these 5 content ideas

Newsletters are a powerful way to promote brand recognition, encourage customer retention, and keep people up to date with your latest company offerings. In the tech world, things move pretty fast. So a pipeline of communication directly to potential customers is an effective way to grow your business.

While newsletters are definitely beneficial, it can be difficult to continuously come up with content. Here are five content ideas for your tech newsletter to keep your customers informed.

Showcase new blog posts

Blogs are arguably one of the best ways to boost your website’s SEO. But they’re not just great for driving organic traffic. You can also use them to fill your newsletter with plenty of content.

Every time you upload a new blog post to your website, write a quick summary and include it in your next newsletter. Don’t forget to attach a link back to the full blog post to send readers straight to your website.

Once readers are on your website, they can follow any of the other links to browse your site and come across all your lovely products and services, hopefully leading to more conversions!

Upcoming tech releases and news

The tech world is constantly changing. The latest and greatest tech only stays that way for a few months before the next generation comes out. New releases and even expected releases always make great newsletter content for tech companies.

Working for a tech company, you likely have inside information (or at least know who to talk to) to learn about tech news and releases before they happen. Get the jump on some juicy pieces of news and share it with your newsletter subscribers.

It won’t be long before your subscriber count grows exponentially just because people want to keep up with the latest tech news — and you’re the only company offering it!

Interviews with industry experts

News makes great content. But interviews are even better! An interview is basically news directly from the source. Use your networking skills to reach out to some experts in the tech field and see if they’d answer a few questions for your newsletter.

For example, if there’s a new piece of software coming out that everyone’s excited about, use your vendor sheet to see if you can find a contact for someone close to the project — like a developer. The more high-profile the name, the better!

They’ll be able to share super detailed information about the new product and maybe even a few fun stories that’ll entertain and inform your tech-minded newsletter subscribers. Now that’s great content!

Host a poll

Not sure what content to put in your next newsletter? Why not just ask! Polls are a great way to engage with your readers and even ask them some questions that might help you make future newsletters even better.

You can ask questions about the newsletter specifically or queries about their tech tastes to inform your business decisions. Here are just a few questions that work well in a newsletter poll:

  • What do you like most about this newsletter?
  • What would you want to change about this newsletter?
  • What type of content would you like to see more of?
  • Are you more interested in software or hardware?

You can also ask niche-specific questions. For example, if your company specializes in eCommerce tech solutions, you could ask readers which POS platform they prefer. You can then use the information to promote the specific platform that your customers like best.

Your newsletter readers might answer it because it’s fun, but polls can provide deep insights into your customers’ behavior and help you make better and more informed business decisions. Plus, it’s more content for your newsletters!

Top 10 lists

There are so many tech solutions available that it can quickly become overwhelming for consumers. Break down the latest offerings by including a top-ten list in your next newsletter.

With a top ten list, you simply talk about the top ten products in a specific vertical. For example, the top ten image editing software solutions. Go through the pros and cons of each image editor and rank them from one (your favorite) to ten (still good but not as good as the others).

You can make a top ten list about nearly any tech product. It’s great newsletter content that will help consumers make an informed purchasing decision. And since the information comes from your tech company, they’ll likely make the purchase through you!

Make the most of your tech newsletter with amazing content

Newsletters require a lot of content. Not only do you have to fill your current newsletter, but you know another one won’t be far off —and that one needs ideas too! Luckily, there are plenty of content ideas out there to keep your tech newsletter engaging and informative for your readers.

Once you have your content ideas, don’t forget to check out the hundreds of free technology email templates from PosterMyWall. Your high-quality content deserves an equally high-quality layout! Using an email template is the best way to maintain a professional design without needing to spend all your time designing from scratch. Save time without sacrificing quality. And when all the pieces come together, your tech newsletter might just become your most effective piece of marketing collateral.