Evolution of Healthcare: Cloud Computing is the Key

Have you ever thought about how the healthcare system becomes the backbone of a nation? Health comes under the basic needs of the people. And when an emergency arises, the state can not survive without healthcare.

But do you think our healthcare industry is as advanced as it should be? The answer will be no. But, it is advancing towards betterment. Do you know how? You will learn how the medical industry is doing better with the help of modern technology.

Talking about technologies, we often discuss software-based tools, automation, robotics, etc. But we forget to mention cloud computing. Cloud computing acts like the spine for the evolution of healthcare. Do you want to know how?

Data plays a huge role in the healthcare industry. From the patient’s background to his medication history, data is money in the healthcare industry. And if you can optimize the data and the storing, there is no coming back. That is where cloud computing comes in. And in this way, it has revolutionized the healthcare industry. Would you like to know more about the role of cloud computing in the evolution of healthcare? If yes, stick with us till the end of this article. You will get a brief on everything.

Cloud Computing: Introduction

Before deep diving into cloud computing, let us know about the thing first. Cloud computing is the computation over the internet. You have a database, storage, network, and other things that are live on the internet. What does it bring to the table? You get fast and multiple access points.

Now you will ask what is the use of it in health care. The modern healthcare industry runs on it. People often ignore it, but data is crucial in a healthcare system. Suppose you have a patient who lost his previous prescription and medication reports. You would be in trouble to find out his history. That is where cloud computing covers you up. You can check all the records by entering the simple details.

But the list of advantages does not end here. You can enable personal care for patients using cloud computing. And the lower-level operations become easier if cloud computing is there. With that, you can cut the labor cost. And the system becomes n times faster. If this is not the evolution of healthcare, we do not know what else it is.

Cloud Computing: The Pluses on Board

Cloud computing is a way of optimizing health care. And you activate the key to the evolution of healthcare. Internet-based services and data accessibility boost the speed and quality of service.

We have already discussed some of the pros of cloud computing. But here, we shall discuss them in brief.

Enhanced Patient Service: It becomes a smooth experience when you incorporate cloud computing into your system. They can access real-time data and check the updates anytime. They also get relief from the stress of maintaining their records. You can store everything in the cloud.

Lowering the Cost: If we talk about the primary benefits of cloud computing, it is the availability of data. You can access any data from anywhere in real-time. What does it benefit? It helps you to cut down the costs of human labor and other manual things. That is where you save a lot and can provide the services at a lower cost.

Easy Interoperation and Data Ownership: Accessing real-time data from multiple sources is the best feature of cloud computing. As you can fetch real-time data from anywhere, multiple operations become easy. That speeds up the process and keeps the data secured as well.

Cons of Cloud Computing

We have learned about the pros of cloud computing in the healthcare ecosystem. But a coin always has two sides. In the same way, cloud computing brings some challenges also.

Though the cloud computing concepts are interesting, it is hard to implement them in real life. And there is always a shortage of specialists to help you with that. Lack of infrastructure is another reason that restricts cloud computing integration in every scope.

The real-time cross-platform data sounds interesting. But the security challenges come along with that. When you try to access the same data from different platforms, there is a high possibility of data breaches. And for a confidential place like a hospital, data breaches are unacceptable.

But there are a lot of companies who overcame these challenges and are doing this successfully. Companies like Soniphi and Pfizer have set an example of evolution in healthcare.


With the advancing world, there is no point in lagging. And when the question is on healthcare, it is necessary to advance with the new technologies.

Cloud computing is doing that. And the evolution of healthcare is evident from every corner.