How to Earn Coins in Mr Driving – Car Simulator App

Run at full speed and beat all the hero of the streets with the perfect racing game by the name Mr Driving – Car Simulator App. The game is surely a perfect mix of different modes, career and free mode.

Drive furiously right through the streets of concrete jungle making the public spaces of the racing circuits exploring great places to race and test your cars with professional racing circuits with parking skills. Experience this unique car experience to the next level and forget about the games and rules.

Gold coins in Mr. Driving

These game capacities on in-diversion buy model with expansion to the notices in the diversion for its income era. Along these lines, you have to pay genuine cash to purchase the gold in the amusement. While, there are autos you can open with coins you win with each race, the vast majorities of the autos are bolted and must be purchased with gold. Be that as it may, there are various approaches to gain gold too and you can acquire any measure of gold you need with these strategies.

Free 300 Gold in Mr. Driving

  • Complete these three errands to gain +300 gold. Look at the screenshot underneath for the area of the things you have to finish.
  • Facebook Connect – Login with your facebook record to acquire 100 gold.
  • Give Rating – Rate the amusement in the Google Play store to acquire 100 gold.
  • Download the amusement ‘Dr. Gomoku’ – Download another amusement by the designers to win 100 more.
  • Gold for multiplayer recreations

That 300 gold is not all the gold you get, on the off chance that you haven’t saw yet, you acquire gold each time you win a multiplayer diversion gave you crossed the completion line( or stopped auto, and so on.). Yes you get 1 gold for each multiplayer win on the off chance that you figure out how to finish the race. The measure of gold earned from multiplayer diversions stays low as a large portion of these amusements end with an accident. On the off chance that we accept that 1 out of 4 amusements get finished and giving you and your rival 50-50 percent shot of winning, your possibility of getting a gold coin in a multiplayer diversion is 1/8. Yet, hey, that is without still gold.

Driving is available on the Google Play.