Digital Marketing Tricks for Digital Freaks!

Digital marketing becomes effective only when you have solid content to support it. And for data driven digital marketing to create the right effect, it needs testing channels, creativity, audience and the desire to find the combination that can tempt the customers with higher return on investment. However, finding the right combination does not end the game. You have to keep the conversations going in order to avoid stagnancy in the engagement process. By now you must be aware that for any content to be successful it requires creative refresh that will keep the social and mobile audiences on their toes. But it is easier said than done. We have come up with some tricks that are sure to quench the thirst of “digital freaks”!

Shop for the correct video

Have you checked out the New York’s series of videos by Kate Spade? It beautifully highlights the line of apparels offered by the company. The best part is the way the ad sums up the video with the product pricing. The video has been shot featuring 3 girls and their adventures in the New York City. Very subtle, yet highly effective, this video rightly captures the different types of clothing’s that can be worn in New York City as per your mood, time, day and even occasion. In short it gives a very clear picture of fashion and style and how you can buy the same items from them.


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What did we learn from this?

  • It is not necessary that retargeting means that you have to dull and boring. You can be interesting too.
  • Even though attention spans are quite low in social media, yet the demand for videos is always on high. So don’t hesitate to experiment.
  • When you are projecting your products, you are not doing it in a vacuum. You are trying to build a relationship that will make your customers feel comfortable and a part of the family.

Get 3D creative

Check out the advertisement by NewBalance in Instagram. You are sure to take a double take. The concept is quite unique. The image is in 3D. Well most of us know what 3 dimensional images are all about but did you use it in your advertising campaigns? The answer is definitely NO. But now when you have been reminded of it, make good use of it. 3D images are quite distinct and they stand out.


What did we learn from this?

  • Creativity rules the roost.
  • The right use of image helps you to stand out.
  • It helps you to catch almost everyone’s attention!

Think Different, Be Different:

“BUY this!” “CLICK here!” and “Shop NOW!” – are some of the common instructions given out in every content marketing advertisement. It is good to instigate them into action but sometimes, a small clever trick on your part can work wonders. Check out the advertisement by Milavida Timepieces. Instead of asking the customer to buy their collection, they have just mentioned “In Stock: 2 pieces” and so on with each of the variety. When you are using the term “in stock” you are implying that only those many pieces are remaining that has been mentioned. It is a subtle way of asking the customers to buy.


What did we learn from this?

  • Simplicity is beauty.
  • You can be different if you act in a different way.
  • Call to action always ensures sales.

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Digital marketing, when done correctly can turn out to be highly profitable for your company. Just because you have not tried something before does not mean that you should not. Be open to ideas and experimentation!