Cyber Crimes are increasing; how to handle them

We are living in the modern era run by technology. Our daily life depends on it, live with it. So, the Internet is nowadays a popular name known to everyone. The Internet contains everything we need. So, people are using and depending on it more and more. As internet usage increases day by day, it is making the world smaller; people are getting closer. Fast development and growth of the technology have given immense regions of efficient sources and new opportunities for businesses of all sizes. It has become now a national resource, the entire national security is relying upon it also. However, these new innovations have carried exceptional dangers also with them a cybercrime. Cybercrime is a crime where a system could be used for a crime such as spamming, hacking,phishing, and so on.


Cybercriminals utilize computer technology and the internet to hack user’s smartphone data, personal computers, and individual personal details from business secrets, social media, national secrets, etc. Criminals who play out these criminal operations through the web are called – Hackers. Although law enforcement authorities are attempting to address this issue, it is rising increasingly and many individuals have been victims of hacking,fraudulent activity, and malicious software.One of the safest ways of preventing these offenders and securing private information is by using inscrutable protection that uses a single hardware and software program to authenticate all data accessed via the Internet.  As per threatscape report, these crimes are only increasing and it has become vital to take the right precautions and cybersecurity certifications to keep your data safe.

How to handle them

To handle cybercrime successfully, set up multidimensional public-private coordinated efforts among the information technology industry, internet companies, information security organizations, financial institutions, and law enforcement agencies. Cybercriminals, unlike the real world, do not battle each other for dominance or power. Instead, they work together to develop their skills and also propose new ways to help each other out. The normal techniques of crime-fighting cannot however be used against cyber-criminals.Let’s learn more about how we can handle cybercrimes.

Utilize a full-service web security suite

For example, agood Security system offers real-time protection from current and new malware, including viruses and ransomware, and when you go online, it helps secure your financial and private information.

Use solid passwords

Don’t reuse your passwords on various pages, and regularly change your passwords. Make them strong. This means use at least 10 letters, numbers, and symbols together. A password manager app will help you keep your passwords locked.

Always keep updated the software

This is extremely significant with your computer and the software for internet security. Cybercriminals also use established bugs, or flaws, in your software to enter your network. Trying to patch those exploits and flaws can lessen the chance you will become a target of cybercrime.

Social media settings management

Have your financial and confidential details locked away. Cybercriminals in social engineering can sometimes get your private information only with a few points of data, therefore the less you share it in public, the stronger. For example, if you post the name of your pet or show the maiden name of your mother you may be exposing the answers to two important security questions.

Strengthen your home network

Starting with a solid encryption password is a smart idea, as well as a virtual private network.A VPN will encrypt all traffic which leaves your devices unless it reaches its final destination. If cybercriminals monitor to hack your lines of communication, they will intercept nothing but encrypted data. Whenever you’re a public Wi-Fi network, whether it’s in a library, hotel, cafeteria,or airport, it’s a good idea to use a VPN.

Inform your children,whatis internet

You should educate your children about appropriate Internet use without closing down the lines of communication. Ensure that everyone knows that if they encounter some form of online stalking, harassment, or bullying they should come to you.

Stay up with the latest on significant security breaches

When you do business with a retailer or have an online connection that has been compromised by a security breach, figure out what details the hackers have obtained and instantly update your password.

Take measures to help secure against data theft

Identity theft happens when someone acquires your personal data inappropriately in a way that involves deception or fraud, usually for economic benefit. How? For e.g., you might be fooled into providing personal information over the phone, or a robber might steal your mail to access information about your account. That is the reason it’s critical to watch your own information. A VPN — the virtual private system also can assist with securing the information you send and get on the web, particularly while accessing the web on public Wi-Fi.

Understand that identity theft can happen anywhere

Knowing how to secure your privacy and even if you are traveling is wise. There’s a lot you can do to help deter offenders from putting their private details on the lane. Those include making your travel arrangements off social media, and using a VPN while you access the internet through the Wi-Fi network of your hotel.

Keep attentionto the kids

Much as you will want to talk about the internet to your children, you will also want to help protect them from identity theft.Identity thieves frequently target kids because their credit history and Social Security number is often a clean slate. By being careful when sharing personal information about your child you can help guard against identity theft. It’s also smart to learn what and how to look for that could mean you have lost your child’s identity.

Realize what to do if you become a victim

When you feel you’ve been a cybercrime target, you ought to warn the local authorities, and in certain cases the FBI, and the Federal Trade Commission. That is relevant even though the offense seems to be minor. Your report may assist authorities in their investigations or may help prevent criminals from exploiting others in the future.If you realize that cybercriminals have taken your identity. These are among the means you ought to consider.

  • Contact the businesses and the banks where fraud has occurred.
  • Put alerts for fraud and get your credit reports.
  • Identity fraud complaint to FTC.