ClubSport Steering Wheel with its Updated Features

Clubsport is a great way to steer the fine line between desirable and outrageous. For any racing games, mainly when it comes for simulator style titles, using a standard controller would be fine for casual and laid back play. You can get the genre into its own dedicated wheel or pedal. There are several options to choose from as well as higher end wheels too. Some of the company’s modular ClubSport Steering Wheel can help disciplined the vehicles on offering the racing cars.

Among many of the branded steering wheel, CSL P1 Steering Wheel is the first component of the new CSL series which can be best positioned in the very popular ClubSport Series. The steering wheel is an add-on for the ClubSport V2 base or for any upcoming CSL base. The moment you connect this ClubSport Steering Wheel to the base, the whole system along with all the attached peripherals like pedals, shifters or handbrake would become the part of Xbox One Peripheral. The diameter of this steering wheel is 30 cm and it is very compact. The weight of this wheel is very low of about 1170gm which makes its spin and react very fast.

Clubsport Steering Wheel Universal Hub

This ClubSport Steering Wheel has lots of unique features among which the most unique one is the combination of the center stripe and the shift light. A multicolor LED enlightens the center stripe so that you can always see the middle of the wheel rim and the revs of the engine.

There is an LED display integrated on top of the rim which enables you to see the telemetry data in front of your eyes. The spokes of the steering wheel is made with brushed aluminum so that it could give a solid feel of metal shifter pedals. A new quick release system always builds up the wheel with a strong force on the base to allow a quick change on the steering wheel.

There are so many other parts of ClubSport wheel available in the market including: Steering wheel GT, Classic steering wheel, steering wheel round1, steering wheel flat1, Steering wheel oval, ClubSport Steering Wheel Drift and many more. Drift Rim is an essential part for steering wheel. It is the perfect companion for the static shifter paddles and hand brake of ClubSport Steering Wheel. It is perfectly round with smooth leather and having light weight and center position stripes that gives a very stylish looks. This rim comes with encoder, adjustable buttons, adjustable shifter paddles, LED display and so many other functionalities which you can add more according to the requirement.

Now, if you are thinking to experience something different and planning to buy steering wheel to feel the real racing game, then it is suggested to check properly each and every section so that it will properly fit with your requirement and perfect for you too. So, any compatible product needs to be fit perfectly with your ClubSport Steering Wheel.