How to choose the best Web Hosting Companies

So you’re looking to choose the best web hosting companies, but you don’t know where to start?

It may seem like there’s thousands of web hosting companies, so how do you choose which is the best for you?

Here’s five things you should do – and one you should not do – when you’re looking to choose the best web hosting companies.

Know what matters to you

Everyone has different needs for web hosting companies, sometimes you’re:-

  • a business looking to establish an online presence
  • a blogger looking to set up a new blog
  • an individual looking for online/cloud space for hosting files, documents, photographs etc.

Depending on your needs, the package you will need from a web hosting company may change dramatically

Understand what different web hosting packages there are

Sadly, when you’re looking to choose the best web hosting companies, it helps if you know the technical terminology, as it’s very easy to overspend on what you really need. Worse still, you may end up spending on a web hosting package that’s totally unsuitable for your needs.

To solve this, learn the different types of web hosting packages on offer, and get to know the difference between things like:-

  • sub domains
  • email packages
  • domain registration
  • FTP
  • WordPress

Ask around

One of the best ways to choose the best web hosting companies is by asking around – friends, work colleagues or even other bloggers or users online.

Not only does this build confidence as you will have feedback or testimonials to trust, in some cases satisfied web hosting customers can offer promotions or referrals to new customers. This usually works by the new customer signing up with a voucher code supplied by the referral, and both the new and existing customer receive a benefit.

Only buy what you need

When you choose the best web hosting companies, make sure you only sign up for what you need. If you don’t need domain privacy protection, don’t sign up for it – and save money!

Likewise, some web hosting companies will offer massive amounts of web space and capacity to you, but if you’re only starting a new blog then it may be to excessive. Whilst it sounds a good deal, and even future-proof, it will still be costing you money.

Far better to only get what you need in a web hosting package, and then upgrade once your blog or website becomes busy and generates more traffic.

Likewise SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one of many terms web hosting companies offer as an upset to new customers, but generally it’s not needed as an entry-level new customer.

Value Customer Service above anything

Unfortunately, when you choose the best web hosting companies you don’t always know which is the best – until there’s a problem. Generally, most new customers just buy a web hosting package without knowing the pitfalls.

Look for web hosting companies that can offer you guaranteed uptime, security and excellent customer service. If you can only choose one of these, ensure it’s customer service.

Whenever you have a problem with your web hosting company – and you likely will do – it’s often very frustrating when the customer service and contact numbers are either overloaded, or often manned by poor quality staff or non-native English speakers.

Be wary of affiliate promotions

Finally, the one thing you should not do if you’re looking to choose the best web hosting companies is to be swayed by affiliate promotions. Often a lot of the web hosting companies pay people to write ‘reviews’ about the service, and the promotional article writer receives payment for click-throughs or new customers.

Clearly, an unscrupulous reviewer could write an article promoting a poor web hosting company that provides a favourable payment, which will result in a poor customer experience.