Celebrities That Love Playing Bingo

There is one fact about bingo that might surprise you; it is a game that everyone can play. And everyone does play. The fact that so many celebrities are big fans of the game is, for some, a surprise – don’t they have big yachts to play on or horses to race or planes to fly? – but for those who really understand, know, and love the game of bingo, it’s not a shock at all.

It’s so much fun and offers so much to so many, that more and more people are realising just how great the game of bingo is at www.kingcasino.com/live-casino, including the rich and famous. Read on to find out just how among the great and the good likes to ‘house’ once in a while.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones has been a fan of bingo ever since she was a little girl in Wales, and rising up through the Hollywood ranks and marrying Michael Douglas, one of the most famous men in the world, hasn’t changed that.

Catherine makes no secret of the fact that she has an obsession with the game, and she regularly holds bingo parties at her home. These are so well known and so well attended that she has even had custom bingo cards made; she makes new ones each Christmas.

So just what is it about bingo that Catherine adores so much? It probably stems from the fact that her parents also loved the game, and one day they were the lucky winners of £100,000! This meant that they could give Catherine the drama school education and dance lessons she so desperately wanted and the rest, as they say, is history.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss went through a bad time of it when her marriage to Jamie Hince broke down, and she sought solace with her friend, Sadie Frost. Rather than go out on the town or sit and drink or eat lots of ice cream or any other stereotypical thing that people do when they split up from a long term relationship, Kate and Sadie played bingo. She might have been a 90’s wild child, but she has grown up and motherhood seems to have mellowed her, and this quiet game of bingo on a Saturday night is all she needed to get back on her feet. Now she plays bingo regularly with the kids, getting the whole family involved in the game.

Russell Crowe

Unlike many of the celebrities on this list, Russell Crowe’s love of bingo didn’t initially come from playing it. Instead, when he was 22, Russell was actually a bingo caller in New Zealand. The only problem was, rather than sticking to the tried and tested calls for the balls, he came up with his own and they were deemed too rude, so he lost his job!

However, Russell didn’t lose his love for the game, and he can still be spotted in bingo halls from time to time. He must really have a thing for bingo!

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne is known for having a wild kind of lifestyle – perhaps the most wild because she is married to rocker Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath fame. Yet this wild life is also a busy one, and from numerous TV appearances, her job as a music manager, and taking care of her family, it’s little wonder Sharon needs to unwind sometimes. Her chosen way to do this is to play bingo; it works perfectly for her. In fact, she enjoys bingo so much that she even created her own bingo website where others can play too.

Robbie Williams

You can take the lad out of Yorkshire, but you can’t take Yorkshire out of the lad, and Robbie Williams’ humble upbringing is never far from his thoughts and actions. Robbie uses his love of bingo – which he used to play with his family and has fond memories of growing up – and helps those less fortunate with it. He organises bingo games for charity. And these aren’t little local games either; they’re the kind that involve lots of different A-listers too.