Brand Name Selection Guide 2020-2021

The moment one begins to come up with brand name ideas, it’s indispensable to identify, pretty accurately, the characteristics of the ideal customer for the brand’s services. 

Setting the target, the customer will come up when one is creating cool company names in one’s marketing and business strategies too, so it’s well worth the effort. A lot of start-ups firms can be stirred to curate their brand name right away before they’ve listed out the details. Thus, one should create a catchy title. But one shouldn’t straight away set their brand name until they are sure it will sure shot appeal to the target audience and reveal brand values.

Understand the naming philosophy

Step-1 Venture

The first step of the naming process is to collect lucid business name ideas that set up the business. This broad range includes the big ideas behind the venture: services, purchasing, finances, legal, and any other factors that go into making the business. Contemplating broadly, an overview of one’s company when they are searching for an impeccable name which can help aid with how one needs the business to be seen across at a glance.

Step-2 Brand/Label

The brand or front-facing communication is what people look onto. Many constituents include story, mission, quotes, slogans, colors, and fonts. These elements play a pivotal role in the brand name creation for a particular company.

Step-3 Value Proposition

This is in short one or two lined brief explanation of why people should value and why should they care. It is out of precise locus that truly determines the target customer and how people will approach them with their brand name. In this communication decision, one will also find the most fruitful control for the name formulation. Medium and tone are establishments at the intersection of the value proposition and crowd involved.

Step-4 Name

The mission is filtered into the brand, the brand into its value declaration, the value proposition into a single word or phrase that is used again and again by customers. The specified brand name helps in taking the venture to the market as it is a productive conversation medium which is used for more than any other aspect of the undivided label.

When re-creating a name for a new start-up company, rebrand, product it may seem like the business name ideas are infinite. However, despite various company names already out there, the majority of great names can fit into one of five major divisions like classic, clever, philistine, plain, or passionate.

These divisions are often termed as styles. The style one’s business name is having empowers the perception of the brand, is important to get the trust of the people. The immediate reaction that a name mirrors will have a huge impact on the brand, and in the end, the business as well.



If there are any strong feelings one is trying to elicit from the audience then curating a brand name is the perfect place to set up response. The brand name is the foremost thing a potential customer learns about a business, so it is important to set the right expectations. 

Value Proposition

A value proposition sums up the core direction and benefits of one’s business. For example, PayPal’s value proposition is “Pay securely. Here, there, anywhere.” The value proposition is a concise statement or it can also be a catchy slogan that illustrates why one’s business stands out. When one brainstorm names, a value proposition helps to identify the bare essentials of the brand so they can distill ideas into a brand name.

Build buzz

Names that are hard to pronounce don’t get discussed. When one can process a piece of information easily, they develop a natural affinity for it over something more challenging to comprehend.  If one wants to be the talk of the town, ensure people can easily recall and repeat that particular brand name.

Generally, people want their customers to be excited to share and discuss the name with family, friends, and online. A challenging or unappealing name would not cause the customers to get excited about the brand and product. A name that adds just a little more buzz is a name that helps the particular brand grow!


The brand name shouldn’t simply be an abstract thing. One must be able to breathe life into it and put a solid approach in anchoring a particular brand’s name.

After one chooses your great brand name, they can create their personalized logo and corporate identity, and then begin creating their brand story, brand personality and brand messaging to use throughout sales materials and marketing endeavors.