Best Places to Live Outside Washington

Washington, DC, is one of the most exciting areas in our country. Not only are there countless jobs available, but you get to feel like you’re in the heart of everything that’s happening within our country.

Unfortunately, properties within DC itself are inhibitive expensive and leave the market almost as soon as they get listed.

These are the best surrounding areas to move to, and why they’re a dream come true for anyone eager to move to the DC area!

Bethesda, Maryland

The most expensive area on this list, Bethesda, Maryland, is a dream come true for any young professional. Not only is the commute to work the shortest on this list, but you get to enjoy countless perks and entertainment. Over 84% of people in this area have a college degree, which is astounding and means you can have a fun, intelligent conversation in any bar or restaurant you visit! Although homes sit at around $900,000 in 2022, this price is worth it! 

Rockville, Maryland

If you love waterside views and fun shops and restaurants, welcome to Rockville! The average commute to work sits just below half an hour and comes with gorgeous views along the way. Most schools are a-rated, and the population is manageable, at just under 70,000. This is awesome for any young family just starting out.

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Arlington, Virginia

Once you start looking, you’ll quickly realize Arlington real estate is some of the most sought-out housing in the area. Here you can enjoy easy access to DC while still getting to live in a semi-small-town feeling area. Properties here are still expensive, of course, but with that price, you gain museums, top-rated schools, incredible art galleries, and countless theaters. You’ll love everything about this city! 

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Silver Spring, Maryland

Although this area is over half an hour away from DC, the countless beautiful historic properties make this area feel like a dream come true.   This suburb has beautiful neighborhoods that were constructed to be communities and lots of things to do and see that are great for anyone wanting to start a family. This is still a generally expensive area to live in, but it comes with plenty of perks! 

Frederick, Maryland

The most affordable city on this list, and still home to countless A-rated schools, Frederick, Maryland, gives you a small town without having to move more than half an hour away from the job. The area is best known for its incredible home prices, sitting at around $265,000, which is unheard of in this area of the country.

Here you can enjoy a deep dive into history and have a great time learning about historical figures who lived here, like Francis Scott Key, who wrote the lyrics to the Star-Spangled Banner, America’s national anthem! This area feels like a fairytale town in the midst of expensive and unattainable properties. 

Washington Is Surrounded By Beauty

Washington, DC, is so much more than just the capital city! Here you can explore history and nature alike and gain a new understanding of the nation you live in.