9 Facts You Didn’t Know About Jeff Bezos and Amazon

When we think of online shopping, we think Amazon. Heck, it’s almost impossible to consider e-commerce without mentioning this retail giant. Amazon, the brainchild of Jeff Bezos, is an embodiment of innovation and entrepreneurship in today’s digital world. And with that, let’s dive into 9 fascinating facts about Bezos and Amazon you might not have stumbled upon yet.

1. Garage Origins

Amazon, now a multi-billion-dollar company, began in the humble setting of Bezos’s garage in Bellevue, Washington. His relentless drive and vision propelled the company from selling books online to virtually everything under the sun.

2. Unusual Interview Technique

Bezos is known for his unique interview technique. He would ask his interviewees about their life narratives to grasp their personality traits and qualities. He believed that this gave him a better understanding of their character and how they might fit into his company.

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3. An Obsession with Space

Beyond Amazon, Bezos’s interest in space exploration is no secret. He founded Blue Origin, a private aerospace manufacturer, with an ultimate vision of making space travel accessible to ordinary people. There’s a lot we can learn from Bezos’s pursuit of such an audacious goal. It’s all about thinking big and embracing opportunities, just as outlined in this guide to cultivating a money-making mindset.

4. An Amazonian Culture

Bezos strongly believes in a ‘Day 1’ mentality. This philosophy keeps the company continually innovating and never settling, acting like a startup even though it’s a global powerhouse. It’s reminiscent of the hustle involved in making it big in the online world, something you can learn about in this review of Prime Profits.

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5. The 2-Pizza Rule

Amazon operates with the ‘2-pizza rule.’ This policy ensures that a team size should not be larger than what two pizzas can feed, promoting efficiency and close collaboration.

6. A Regret Minimization Framework

Bezos follows a ‘Regret Minimization Framework.’ It’s a philosophy where he imagines himself at 80 and tries to minimize the number of regrets he would have. It’s this forward-thinking mentality that’s helped him make Amazon the giant it is today.

7. Door-Desk Policy

A surprising frugality principle that Amazon follows is the ‘door-desk’ policy. Early employees, including Bezos, used doors as desks to cut costs. Even today, this tradition is a symbol of cost-effectiveness at Amazon.

8. The Name Amazon

Bezos initially named his venture ‘Cadabra,’ as in ‘Abracadabra.’ However, after a lawyer misheard it as ‘Cadaver,’ Bezos decided to rename it ‘Amazon.’ This choice was strategic as Amazon is a large river, representing the grand scale he envisioned for his company.

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9. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS, Amazon’s cloud computing platform, generates more profits than their North American retail business. With AWS, Amazon supports countless businesses globally, playing an immense role in today’s digital infrastructure.

It’s clear that Bezos’s path to success is anything but conventional. So if you’re looking to harness the power of online business, remember to embrace innovation, think big, and never be afraid of a challenge. And if you’re interested in more tips for online success, check out these steps to turn your skills into a profitable online business.

The journey of Amazon and Bezos continues to inspire millions of aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide. His story teaches us that with a solid idea, firm determination, and the right mindset, it’s possible to make your mark in the competitive landscape of e-commerce.


Bezos’s Stint at The Princeton University

Jeff Bezos is a Princeton graduate with degrees in electrical engineering and computer science. His time at Princeton, known for its rigorous academic environment, shaped his analytical mindset and problem-solving skills, both of which later played a crucial role in his entrepreneurial journey. Although he initially dreamt of being a theoretical physicist, his fascination with the potentials of the internet shifted his career trajectory.

A Unique Approach to Failure

Bezos has a somewhat unusual perspective on failure. In his view, failure and innovation are inseparable twins. To innovate, one must be willing to take risks, and risks invariably come with the possibility of failure. This approach has fostered a culture at Amazon where failures aren’t penalized but seen as learning experiences. It’s not about avoiding mistakes; it’s about using them as stepping stones towards success.

The Bezos Earth Fund

Aside from his passion for space exploration, Bezos has shown a keen interest in environmental issues. He launched the Bezos Earth Fund with a whopping $10 billion pledge to combat climate change. The fund aims to support scientists, NGOs, and activists working on innovative solutions to preserve and protect the natural world. This initiative reflects Bezos’s broader commitment to leveraging his wealth and influence for the greater good.

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