7 Incredible Things You Might Not Know About Facebook

The giant social media platform needs no introduction. Since its inception in 2004, it is growing at a tremendous pace. The number of users is touching sky and you will hardly find someone around you without a Facebook account.

We all are fond of this platform for various obvious reasons. Everybody knows that it’s a social networking site and one can stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues very easily. But do you really know how to use Facebook? If someone asks this question, people are surely going to laugh as it will seem to be a stupid question to them. And almost every other person will answer “Of course! Who doesn’t?” Yes, you do. There is no doubt in that. But there are still many unexplored options in Facebook that you don’t even have a clue about. So, here are some of the things about it that will completely blow your mind:

1. Download Photo Album:

Yes, that’s possible. It can be done through FacePAD. It is a Firefox extension that allows you to download pictures from the albums that are accessible. Whether it is your own album, your friend’s album or from an event album you have attended, FacePAD does it all.

Install FacePAD > Right click on the link to the album you want to download > Click “Download Album with FacePAD”

2. Create a collage using pictures of your friends:

Collage is in trend as it allows collection and arrangement of multiple pictures in a single frame. In case you like some of the pictures in your friend’s album and want to make a collage you can do it very easily.

Click on “Friends” tab > Select “More” > Choose any of the dashes (-) from “Choose an option” option

All the photos from your friend’s albums will appear in a grid view. In case you don’t get to find this option with your account, the other alternative is to download certain apps. These will surely help you to create some amazing collages.

3. Block advertisements:

Advertisements are a great way for businesses to market on the digital platform. But for the user, sometimes these are annoying as they occupy the space and block the content of the page behind. This can be done through Facebook: Cleaner. It is a Firefox add-on that blocks advertisements and gives you a better view of the page.

4. Automatic posting of blog post on your Fan Page wall:

Well, that’s some good news for the bloggers. Social media is a great platform to promote your stuff. Along with a number of freely available and paid applications, there is a built-in Facebook tool called Notes, which make it very simple. You just need to add Notes application to your Fan’s page and add your blog’s RSS feed as a new note. Facebook adds a field which is the name of your blog and automatically draws the latest posts.

5. Bring chats to desktop:

Sometimes you do not want to be distracted by other stuff on Facebook page. But at the same time you also do not want to miss the important chats. To your rescue, applications such as Facebook Chat DeskTop and digsby are available. Now you can have chats on your desktop without opening your account page as a whole.

6. Show Facebook status on WordPress blog:

Bloggers must be aware of WordPress.com. It is a strong platform used to create a website or blog for free. One can display his Facebook status on WordPress by installing and running the official Facebook plugin for WordPress. After activation, paste the link of the Facebook status that you want to display. You will be able to view your status on WordPress after saving it. Certain apps such as Buffer and Hootsuite let you post your WordPress post to Facebook. You can either schedule the post or let it go automatically.

7. Hide your availability on Facebook chat:

If you do not want to be visible to everybody while online, there is a way out for this as well. You can now shortlist your close friends or family members, who can view you online. Whereas the rest will not be able to see whether you are available online or not. This can be done by organizing the chat using your friend list. You can decide which list you would like to add to chat. Through sliders you can easily manage your online availability to any group.

These are some of the features that many people might never have thought of. Looking at the ever evolving platform some hardware companies have also come forward to add some of the features that incorporate well with the platform. Cloud Link enables printing of photos that have been uploaded to Facebook using respective printers. The digital platform has opened vast opportunities in front of us. We only need to be aware of all the available options to use it to the fullest.