5 Financial Apps That Prove to Be Perfect Budget Tracker

In this techno savvy world, every smartphone is filled with plethora of applications for a variety of use. Amongst these often this idea strikes whether it is beneficial to have an application for calculating finances. And if so, which one will perfectly fit our requirements. An all in one application which can prove to be our pocket wallet, to make our doubts clear and set your life hassle free.

For any person thinking about managing day to day finances is not a stress buster of course. But as the no of zeros starts to increase in our salary, it strikes us how important it is to keep a tab on the finances. To calculate our daily expenses and petty outgoings may seem feeble separately, but if not paid heed can turn into a mountain of expenses. That time we all wish someone to help keep an account of our finances sparing us out from racking our brain.

Thanks to this techno era, all these problems of ours are well-taken care off and these many financial applications on our mobiles are no less than an assistant in disguise for us. Here are five best budgeting apps.  There is no more any need to stress yourself, just having these five best applications on your mobile will automate most of your problems with ease. All you need is an Android or iPhone and with just a click these applications will turn into your personal financial advisor.

  1. Mint

Mint tops the list of personalized financial apps. Mint uses an integrating system whereby it links your bank account and card details to itself. If there is any doubt regarding security issues, they are managed smoothly as well. They use the same security method as that of banks, with the use of software like TurboTax and Quicken. It not only helps analyze your spending habits but also provides tips and suggestions for the same.

Where to get it from: It is available on iPhone and android phones.

  1. Pocket guard

Just like mint, pocket guard allows you to integrate your bank account with the application, providing an additional feature of letting you know how much money is left with you after organizing your accounts properly. Your pending bills, recurring payments are all taken into account and the remaining budget is displayed to you. It is one of the most recommended app, giving you a clearer picture of your budget, thus guarding your pocket from getting drained by the end of the month.

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Where to get it from: This app is compatible to iPhone and android phones.

  1. Mvelopes

We all have the habit of breaking down our budget in categories (for e.g. food, school, miscellaneous, etc) every month and putting the amounts into envelopes. This tenacious work is all taken care of by this application. It helps you categorize your monthly budget into 25 different categories in the free version, enabling you to have a better idea of your expenses. You need not take the pain of carrying envelopes, wherever you go. One no more needs to worry about misplacement of envelopes and money.

It also helps you capture your receipts and track them in real time.

Where to get it from: They are free applications available for iPhone and Android applications.

  1. Wally

Wally is yet another user-friendly app which helps you keep a tab on your expenses. They are excellent expense tracker built for individuals. It assists you in tracking your expenses and categorizes them accordingly. It helps manual entry as well as allows the individual to click photos of receipts. Another interesting facility provided by this app is it pushes notification whenever your bill is due or you have hit your savings goal.

Wally uses your location service to identify where you are, assisting you in saving a step when logging an expense.

Where to get it from: This app is available for free in all Android and iOs phones

  1. Good budget

Good budget works in the same guidelines as that of Mvelopes. It is an easy to use app when you wish to sync your budget across all your devices, let they be iPhone or android. It helps you to get a clearer idea of your savings and payments. It can be called as user-friendly app helping you keep an account of your recurring and regular payments.

Where to get it from: It is available on iPhone and android.

The post is penned by Aishwarya Raghunath, she has a deep knowledge about finance, technology and financial software. She recommends you to use Desi Hisab– your personal finance manager. You can download the same from google play store too.

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