The IP Address Explained

Home network is also a sort of computer network which can facilitate communication among the devices within the home. Generally this kind of network will be established when there is a need of creating an internet access to all the devices which are having the internet capability. If you want to establish a home network, you have two options such as wired network and wireless network. According to your convenience, you can choose the network type and install it in your home. Generally every home network will have an IP address and it will be provided by the Internet Service Provider. Whenever they user wants to add a new device to the home network, he will have to assign a new IP address for that particular device. Hence it will be registered in the network and the device can access the home network at anytime easily.

What is the default IP address?

Every home network will have a default IP address and it will be common. Most of the Internet service providers in the present days are giving the IP address as the default IP address for the home networks that they are providing. Therefore the individuals who are establishing a home network will have as their default IP address. They are able to configure it when they are using multiple devices at the same time because there are many chances for IP conflict since there are devices accessing the same IP address.

If you want to log on to the IP address, you need to run it on a web browser. When you do that, the connection will be made with the home router and then you can enter the username of the administrator and password. Sometimes, the router may not respond properly and hence you may not able to complete the login process. In such cases, the webpage may be in offline or there will be any technical problems. Some of the people will forget the username often and hence they will not able to access the router. In order to avoid such situation, most of the internet service providers are allowing the individuals to have a friendly username as they desire.

Hence the individuals can choose the name as they desire and they can use it for login process. Since they are using the familiar and friendly name, they will not forget it and they will not have any trouble while accessing the router. Actually the default IP address will have many similarities with and therefore sometimes it may not be possible to use this address for connecting an outside router with the home network. However in such cases, the users may utilize the public address of the router to establish the connection.

As it is mentioned already, the users will have to deal with IP conflicts most of times and it will be burden for them while accessing the internet. In order to avoid the IP conflicts, the user must use the default IP address on only one device in a time. If they want to use many devices through the network, the individuals can use unique IP address for their purpose. However it will be very difficult for the users to identify which devices are using the default IP address for using internet. To make that process easy, the user can access the default gateway of every device in the network. It will be a simple step to find the devices which are using the same IP address.

Can you change your default IP address?

The individuals who are using home network would like the way to change to the default IP address. In fact many people would have tried to do that but they may not know the right procedure. If they commit any mistake in this case, they may have to face many issues therefore it is very important to learn the right way to change the default IP address. Generally the individuals would like to change the IP address in order to improve the security of the network. However, changing the default IP address may not give the effective results in the security concern.

But still many people want to change the address. If you are one among them, then you need to enter into the router’s administration console. Thereby you can find the needed options to change the default IP address and other important settings related with IP address. Whenever the user is changing the IP address and configuring the router, they need to enter the right and easy information that they can remember. It is because, some of the individuals will enter some information while configuring and they will forget it later. In such cases, it will become very complicated for them to configure the router again if they need. Therefore it is always better to be conscious in this case and they have to provide the right information in order to avoid any inconveniences.